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Join us in the mission of empowering our young people. We strive to encourage self-advocacy in our youth through health and wellness discussions along with career seminars. Our program also introduces the “Game of Golf” to young kids and teens, promoting positive life skills and values.

This year, Advocates Foundation and The APGA Tour have much to celebrate, from our continued relationship with our major sponsors to our participation in the Farmers Open Event held this past January 2020.

And we’re constantly looking forward to furthering our mission of providing career, health, & wellness opportunities & training to underrepresented youth and communities. 

Help Our Under-Served Youth 

With a small donation

You Can Help Give Under-Served Youth A Chance To Thrive.
Become a Beacon Of Hope By Donating Today.

All contributions are tax deductible.

We are a certified 501(c)3 and every dollar contributed is tax deductible.

Meaningful Contributions

The Advocates Board of Directors and supporters have long recognized the need for health and career guidance in underrepresented communities. For several years, concerned professionals supporting this mission have volunteered their time and resources to various programs and events designed to enlighten and educate young boys and girls from diverse backgrounds on how to live healthy lifestyles and provide examples of paths to successful careers

How Your Contribution Works

When you donate, you allow us to serve more young people who need guidance and help in their lives. These youth are in the most critical ages (14-20) for personal and career development. They will go through a three phase program. Phase one will be a discussion on health and wellness presented by AHF. Phase two will be a career discussion conducted by AF and the final Phase will be a golf clinic conducted by APGA Tour pros. Participants are divided into three groups and are rotated through each stage.

About Our Events

Our events are built to foster confidence and empowerment for youth who often get overlooked and underserved by the general population. We teach them how to get jobs, network, excel in sports and life, & much more. We help kids from all kinds of backgrounds become stellar professionals, one city at a time. We started with group trainings on career, health, & wellness; then end with a fun golf clinic lead by our expert instructors.

Why Donate?

Of all the places you could donate, why choose the Advocates Foundation? Well, because we believe that all human beings have untapped potential to serve, contribute, & achieve greatness– and sometimes all they need is a chance. We give them that chance to excel in life and provide the 1-on-1 leadership necessary to really make a lasting difference.

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Meaningful Guidance & Leadership

Our team of experts have spent a combined 50+ years teaching, educating, serving, volunteering, & donating to worthy causes all over the world. It’s our mission to give back and create more opportunities for underserved communities. Our workshops are educational, meaningful, fun, and leave a lasting imprint on a young person’s mind on how to be successful in a world that hasn’t afforded them as many opportunities for success as others might get.