Our Mission is to Educate and Inspire African America Women to play (and love) Golf


SheWhoGolfs is an Advocates, Inc organization dedicated to inspiring African American Women to play and love golf. SheWhoGolfs was established in 2018. Our mission supports the Advocatesโ€™ goal to bring greater diversity to the game of golf. We work to accomplish our mission by hosting and operating professional seminars at APGA tournaments , National conventions, local charity golf tournaments, leadership retreats, and corporate teambuilding events. We maintain a supportive relationship with our seminar alumnae to foster their growth in the sport.


Our beginner SheWhoGolfs seminar is designed for busy women who are interested in playing golf but unsure where to start. We help women identify and overcome barriers that prevent them from entering the sport. We demystify the lingo, cover the basics and encourage relaxation and fun. We offer a safe place to explore the game.No pressure, no judgement. Just fun.


Weโ€™ve been friends forever. Anita and Val went to High School together. Anita and Leslie have been friends since college. We all started golfing at different points in our lives and we all fell in love with the game. Golf has been an important tool in our careers, a source of stress relief and a great deal of fun!

In 2018 we became an official partner of the Advocates, Inc organization furthering their mission of bringing greater diversity in the game of golf. SheWhoGolfs is a dream come true for us. We invite you to support us in this empowering work.


As we endeavor to conduct the important work of bringing diversity to the game of golf, we appreciate your willingness to partner with us in this mission. Donations to the Advocates Foundation of any amount are welcomed and are 100% tax deductible.