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COVID-19 has affected at least 37 million US students already. For some, all this means is more time at home and more video games. But for others, many of their parents have been displaced from jobs and unemployment is at an all-time high.

Our mission has always been to empower underserved and underrepresented individuals, especially youth. We strive to give them chances they otherwise wouldn’t receive, if not for our mentoring mentoring programs.

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We have helped hundreds of young people find opportunities for employment, scholarships, get noticed athletically, and build vocational skills for a better life.

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In 5 years, our generous sponsors and donors have helped us serve thousands of youth with over $658,000 in donations raised.

Changing Lives in Unconvential Ways

The Advocates Board of Directors and supporters have long recognized the need for health and career guidance in underrepresented communities. For several years, concerned professionals supporting this mission have volunteered their time and resources to various programs and events designed to enlighten and educate young boys and girls from diverse backgrounds on how to live healthy lifestyles and provide examples of paths to successful careers

When you donate, you allow us to serve more young people who need guidance and help in their lives. These youth are in the most critical ages (14-20) for personal and career development. They will go through a three phase program. Phase one will be a discussion on health and wellness presented by AHF. Phase two will be a career discussion conducted by AF and the final Phase will be a golf clinic conducted by APGA Tour pros. Participants are divided into three groups and are rotated through each stage.

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“WE WORK HARD TO MAKE SURE WE REACH THE right young people in the right COMMUNITIES. you'll know that your money is going to a place where we care deeply about empowering the future of these young people.”

Cole Smith - Executive Director

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